John A. Litvaitis

Research Interests

  • Effects of contemporary land uses on wildlife populations, especially species that are hampered by habitat fragmentation
  • Influences of historic land uses on present-day wildlife populations and their habitats
  • Understanding and limiting the effects of invasive shrubs on forest wildlife
NH Bobcat Project


  • 1984 Ph.D. (Wildlife Management), University of Maine
  • 1978 M.S. (Wildlife Ecology), Oklahoma State University
  • 1975 B.S. (Wildlife Management), magna cum laude, University of New Hampshire

Teaching Responsibilities

  • NR 640: Wildlife Population Ecology
  • NR 740/840: Inventory and Monitoring of Ecological Communities
  • NR 741/841: Demographic Methods in Conservation Biology and Wildlife Ecology

John Litvaitis

Wildlife Ecology

Selected Publications

Barbour, M.S., and J.A. Litvaitis.  1993.  Niche dimensions of New England cottontails in relation to habitat patch size.  Oecologia 95:321-327.

Litvaitis, J.A.  1993.  Response of early successional vertebrates to historic changes in land use.  Conservation Biology 7:866-873.

Villafuerte R., J.A. Litvaitis, and D.F. Smith.  1997.  Physiological responses by lagomorphs to resource limitations imposed by habitat fragmentation: implications to condition-sensitive predation.  Canadian Journal of Zoology 75:148-151.

Litvaitis, J.A.  2000.  Chapter 5 - Investigating food habits of terrestrial vertebrates. Pages 165-190 in Research techniques in animal ecology: controversies and consequences.  L. Boitani and T.K. Fuller, editors, Columbia University Press, New York, N.Y.

Litvaitis, J.A.  2003.  Are pre-Columbian conditions relevant baselines in managed forests of the northeastern United States?  Forest Ecology and Management 185:113-126. 

Marchand, M.N., and J.A. Litvaitis.  2004.  Effects of habitat features and landscape composition on population structure of a common aquatic turtle in a region undergoing rapid development.  Conservation Biology 18:758-767.

Johnson, V.S., J.A. Litvaitis, T.D. Lee, and S.D. Frey.  2006.  The role of spatial and temporal scale in colonization and spread of exotic shrubs in early-successional habitats.  Forest Ecology and Management 228:124-134.

Litvaitis, J.A., J.P. Tash, and C.L. Stevens.  2006.  The rise and fall of bobcats in New Hampshire: relevance of historical harvests to understanding current patterns of distribution and abundance.  Biological Conservation 128: 517-528.

Litvaitis, J.A., and J.P. Tash.  2008.  An approach toward understanding wildlife-vehicle collisions.  Environmental Management 42:688-697.

 Selected Service Activities

  • University Animal Care and Use Committee
  • Member of Editorial Boards of Acta Zoologica Lithuanica and Northeast Naturalist
  • Coordinator and host of the 80th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists (5 days meeting attend by ~500 scientists, largest meeting ever held at UNH)
  • Organizer and host of a two-day conference: Shrublands and early-successional forests of the northeastern United States- critical habitats dependent on disturbance (papers from this meeting were published in a special issue of Forest Ecology and Management)
  • Associate Editor of the Journal of Mammalogy
  • Editor of Northeast Wildlife