Theodore E. Howard


My research focuses on practical forest management and forestry economics issues of New England and its Canadian neighbors.  I am specifically interested in small group selection systems in northern hardwoods and how to help landowners make better decisions about managing hardwood stands.  In addition, I collaborate with colleagues in Japan and France on forest management and economics questions.   One consequence of this international work is that I am marginally proficient in Japanese and French.

Detailed Description of Research Projects  


  • 1982 Ph.D Forestry Economics, Oregon State University
  • 1974 Master of Forestry, Duke University
  • 1972 B.S. Natural Resource Management, Unversity of Maine

Teaching Responsibilities

  • NR 542: Forestland Measurement and Mapping
  • NR 643: Economics of Forestry
  • NR 745/845: Forest Management

Theodore Howard

Forestry Economics

NREN Department CHAIR

Forestry Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Selected Publications

Cottle, M. and T. Howard. 2012. Conflict management and community support for conservation in the Northern Forest: Case studies from Maine. Forest Policy and Economics

Howard, T. 2011. Sustaining Forests: Land Rent, Property Rights, and Forest Industry. International Journal of Environmental Consumerism Chapter 7: 45-51.

Sugimura, K. and T. Howard. 2010. Development of a forest network system to improve the zoning process – A case study in Japan. Chapter 12 in “Landscape Ecology and Forest Management: Challenges and Solutions in a Changing Globe”. Li, C., Lafortezza, R., and Chen, J., eds.  HEP-Springer.

Sugimura, K. and T. Howard. 2008.  Incorporating social factors to improve the Japanese forest zoning process. Forest Policy and Economics 10:161-173

Straussfogel, D., T. Howard, S. Masse, and D. Zhang.  2003. Transborder interactions in the sawmill industry of Chaudière-Appalaches, Québec: a survey analysis.  Forestry Chronicle. 79(5):936-947.

Howard, T. E.  2001. The forester’s dilemma: paradoxes in the criteria and indicators for sustainable forestry.  Bois et Forêts des Tropiques. 270(4):75-84.

Davis,  L.,  N. Johnson, T. Howard, and P. Bettinger. 2001. Forest Management: To Sustain Ecological, Economic, and Social Values.  4th edition.  McGraw-Hill.  815 pages.

Selected Service Activities

  • Co-Chair, President’s Panel on Internationalizing UNH, 2010-2011
  • University Strategic Planning, Globalization Working Group, 2009
  • Director, Center for International Education, 2001-2007