Mark J. Ducey


  • Validating, scaling, and parameterizing a forest regrowth model for the Amazon region using aircraft and spaceborne sensors and GIS
  • Understanding mechanistic controls on forest regrowth in the eastern Amazon
  • Efficient methods of assessing coarse woody debris in forest ecosystems
  • Coarse woody debris in Northeastern forests
  • Fire management options to control woody invasive plants in the northeast and mid-Atlantic
  • Evaluating the impact of emergency ice storm funds on nonindustrial private forest owner stewardship
  • Measuring stocking and structure in New Hampshire forests
  • New sampling techniques and approaches to analysis in tropical forests

Detailed Description of Research Projects


  • 1996 Ph.D Forestry,Yale University
  • 1992 M.F.S. Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management, Yale University
  • 1990 B.A. Classical Civilization with Honors, summa cum laude, Yale University

Teaching Responsibilities

  • NR 729: Silviculture
  • NR 749: Forest Inventory and Modeling
  • NR 910: Forest Stand Dynamics
  • NR 912: Sampling Techniques

Mark Ducey

Forest Biometrics
and Management

Selected Publications

Ducey, M. J., W. K. Moser, and P. M. S. Ashton. 1996. Effect of fire intensity on understory composition and diversity in a Kalmia dominated oak forest , New England , USA . Vegetatio 123: 81 90.
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Ducey, M.J., J.H. Gove, and H.T. Valentine. In press. A walkthrough solution to the boundary overlap problem. Forest Science 0:000-000.
Jordan , G.J., M.J. Ducey and J.H. Gove. In press. Comparing line-intersect, fixed-area, and point relascope sampling for dead and downed coarse woody material in a managed northern hardwood forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 0:000-000.

Selected Service Activities

  • University Center for Integrated Regional Problem-Solving, Founding and Steering Committee (2002-present)
  • University Woodlands and Natural Areas Committee (1998-present)
  • COLSA Curriculum Review Committee (2002-2003)
  • National Association of Professional Forestry Schools and Colleges, Northeast Science Chair (2002-present); ad hoc committee on McIntire-Stennis Administration (2003-present)
  • Associate Editor, Northern Journal of Applied Forestry (2002-present)