Douglas E. Morris


  • Property Taxes and New Hampshire Towns
  • Rural Economic Development: Competitive Alternatives in the New Environment


  • 1972 Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University
  • 1969 M.S. Oklahoma State University
  • 1968 B.S. Oklahoma State University

Teaching Responsibilities

  • EREC 444: Honors/The New Pirates of the Carribean
  • EREC 525: Statistical Methods and Applications
  • EREC 606: Land Use Economics
  • EREC 715: Linear Programming and Quantitative Models
  • BIOL 528:  Biostatistics


  • Economist, United States Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service
  • Visiting Professor, Hangzhou University, P.R. China, Fall of 1997

Douglas Morris

Associate Professor,
Environmental and
Resource Economics

Resource Economics Graduate
Program Coordinator

Selected Publications

Joshua B. Wiersma, Douglas E. Morris and Robert A. Robertson, "Social Benefits of Economic Impacts of Cooperative Research to New England Fishing Communities." Abstract, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, Vol. 33, No. 2 (October, 2004).

Morris, Douglas E. and Cynthia L. Belowski, "Land Use Change Taxes: THe Changing Relation to Abated Property Taxes." Abstract, Agriculturaland Resource Economics Review, Vol. 32, No. 2 (October, 2003).

Halstead, John M., Douglas E. Morris and Dan Lass, "Relevvance Revisted: How Faculty and Graduate Students View Their Graduate Programs." Abstract, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, Vol. 32, No. 2 (October, 2003).

Morris, Douglas E., "Two-Tier Voluntary Supply Management Under Maximum Uncertainty: The Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact Program." Abstract, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, Vol. 30, No. 2 (October, 2002).

Farrigan, Tracey L., John M. Halstead, Martin L. Shields, Douglas E. Morris, and Edmund F. Jansen, Jr., Anatomy of a Community-Level Fiscal Impact Model: FIT-4-NH, The Review of Regional Studies, 31:13-38 (Summer, 2001).

Morris, D.E., and Richard M. Simons, The Effects of Conservation Land on Nearby Property Values, Abstract, Agricultural and Resource Economic Review, Vol. 26, 2 (October 1997).

Morris, D.E., Exporting Hardwood Pulp Chips: Impacts to New Hampshire, Natural Resource Series, UNH Cooperative Extension, (June, 1995).

Langan, Richard, Douglas E. Morris, et al., "Potential for an Aquaculture Based Oyster Fishery in New Hampshire," Abstract, Journal of Shellfish Research, Vol. 13, No. 1 (February, 1994).

Morris, D.E., The Wood-Fired Electricity Industry in New Hampshire 1992 Update, Parts I & II, New Hampshire Independent Power Producers Association (June, 1993).

Derr, D.A., and D.E. Morris, "Integrating Rural Open Space Policy Programs", 10th Conference on The Small City and Regional Community, Public Policy in the1990's, Proceedings, Volume 10, UWSP Foundation Press (1992).

Selected Service Activities

  • Secretary - Treasurer, Northeastern Agriculture and Resource Economics Association