Mimi Larsen Becker


  • Design and evaluation of ecosystem-based governance and management  initiatives to protect, redevelop or adapt damaged ecosystems for sustainability and protection of bio-diversity (e.g., internationally shared ecosystems, watersheds, coastal regions, marine ecosystems)
  • International environmental policy for sustainable development: implementation evaluation and capacity building
  • The design and application of tools enabling the systematic analysis of policies and institutions that enable gaining insights and knowledge to improve decision making and policy implementation (e.g., use of case studies and other integrative approaches to implementation evaluation, policy audits, policy impact assessment using GIS, development of sustainability indices for monitoring and assessment, etc.)
  • Capacity building to develop appropriate intelligence systems and decision processes to support ecosystem-based governance (i.e., environmental education and training, participatory decision processes, strategic planning, conflict resolution, institutional reform) which fosters sustainable use of ecosystem goods and services


  • 1996 Ph.D. (International Environmental and Natural Resource Policy), Duke University
  • 1989 M.A. (Resource & Environmental Economics and Policy), Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment
  • 1957 B.A. (Sociology/Anthropology), Carleton College

Teaching Responsibilities

  • NR 720/820: International Environmental Politics and Policies
  • NR 724/824: Resolving Environmental Conflicts
  • NR 731/831: Ecosystem Based Governance
  • NR 735/835: Land Conservation Principles and Practices
  • NR 915: Seminar: Coastal Challenges for Science-Policy Collaborations
  • NR 916: Linking Decision-making and Coastal Ecosystem Science

Mimi Becker

Associate Professor,
Natural Resources and Environmental Policy

Community & Environmental Planning Undergraduate Program Coordinator


Marine Program Profile

Selected Publications

French,Charles and Mimi Becker. “The Changing Face of Urban Agriculture in Havana, Cuba: The Shift from Producer Cooperative to Private Gardens.”   In Review.

Nascimento, Lucigleide Nery and Mimi Larsen Becker. (2008)  “The Implications of the “Virtual” Water Trade” and Virtual, Environmental Degradation for the Sao Francisco River Basin in Brazil” in Cienc. Admin., Fortaleza, v.14 n.2, p 175-190, dez 2008.

Fleeger, W.E., and M.L. Becker.  “Decision Processes for Multi-jurisdictional Planning and Management:   Community Wildfire Protection Planning in Oregon.” International Journal of Society and Natural Resources.

Nascimento, Luci, Mimi Larsen Becker and Charles Vorosmarty. (2007). “Teleconexoes, Mudancas Climatica e a Bacia Hidrografica do Rio Sao Francisco”  (Teleconnections, Climate Change and the Sao Francisco River Basin).

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Becker, Mimi Larsen, John R. Coon and John Williamson. “Bridging the Gap: A Model for Building Trust and Collaboration Between Marine Resource Regulators and Stakeholders” in Globalization and Water Resources: The Changing Value of Water: Proceedings of AWRA/University of Dundee International Specialty Conference on Globalization and Water Management. August 5-9, 2001 Dundee , Scotland , UK . Washington , D.C. : AWRA, August 2001. 

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Christie J., M. Becker, J. Cowden and J. Vallentyne "Managing the Great Lakes Basin as a Home." Journal of Great Lakes Research Vol. 11 No.4 (1985):2-17.

Selected Service Activities

  • Chair, UNH Faculty Senate Student Affairs Committee 2008 - present
  • Member, James Hall Building Committee, 2006 - present
  • Member, University Committee on Real Estate Acquisition and Disposal, 2001 - present
  • NRE Representative on COLSA - COLA Executive Committee on Environmental Education Masters Program, 1997 - present
  • Technical advisor, Save Fort Rock Farm, 2007 - present
  • Sustainable Harvest International, (Co-Founder) Board of Directors, 1997 - present