Kimberly J. Babbitt


  • Assessment of the utility of forested buffers for protection of vernal pool-dependent amphibians
  • Role of amphibians in ecosystem function
  • Population genetics of amphibians in disturbed landscapes
  • Conservation ecology and population genetics of salt marsh sharp-tailed sparrows
  • Landscape ecology of the northern goshawk


  • 1996 Ph.D. Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, University of Florida
  • 1988 M.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University
  • 1984 B.S. Wildlife Management, University of New Hampshire

Kimberly Babbitt

Natural Resources

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Academic Program Coordinator
EcoQuest Study Abroad Program


Selected Publications

Walsh, J., A.I. Kovach, K.J. Babbitt, and K.M. O”Brien. 2012. Fine-scale population structure and asymmetrical dispersal in an obligate salt marsh passerine, the saltmarsh sparrow (Ammodramus caudacutus). The Auk. 129:247.258.

Walsh, J., A.I. Kovach, O.P. Lane, K.M. O”Brien and K.J. Babbitt. 2011. Genetic barcode RFLP analysis of the Nelson’s and Saltmarsh Sparrow hybrid zone. Wilson Journal of Ornithology. 123:316-322.

J. Veysey, S. Mattfeldt and K.J. Babbitt. 2011. Comparative influence of isolation, landscape, and wetland characteristics on female population size of two pool-breeding amphibian species. Landscape Ecology. 26:661-672.

Freidenfelds, N.A., J.L. Purrenhage, and K.J. Babbitt. 2011. Effects of clearcuts and forest buffer size on post-breeding emigration of wood frogs (Lithobates sylvaticus). Forest Ecology and Management. 261:2115-2122.

Suomala, R.W, S.R Morris, K.J. Babbitt, and T.D Lee. 2010. Migrant songbird species distribution and habitat use during stopover on two islands in the Gulf of Maine. Wilson Journal of Ornithology. 122:725-737.

Babbitt, K.J. Baber, M.J., D.L. Childers, and D. Hocking.  2009. Influence of agricultural upland habitat on larval anuran assemblages in seasonally-inundated wetlands. Wetlands 29:294-301.

Veysey, J., K.J. Babbitt, and A.C. Cooper. 2009. An experimental assessment of buffer width: implications for salamander migratory behavior. Biological Conservation. 142:2227-2239.

Baber, M.J., R. Brejaart, K. Babbitt, T. Lovegrove, and G. Usher. 2009. Response of non-target native birds to mammalian pest control for kokako in the Hunua Ranges, Auckland, New Zealand. Notornis. 56:176-182.


Selected Service Activities

  • Member, UNH Strategic Planning, Student Experience Working Group (2008)
  • Associate Editor for Conservation, Herpetologica (2006-2008)
  • Member, COLSA Strategic Planning Committee (2006)
  • Member, University Committee on Study Away (2002 – present)